What Happened to the Easter Bonnet?

About this time — well, this time and Kentucky Derby time — every year, I get a hankering for a hat.  The sort of affair that inspires songs and blocks the view of the pulpit for those unfortunate enough to sit down-sanctuary.  A haberdasher’s masterpiece worthy of boarding the Titanic

Really, what happened to the Easter bonnet? 

Movies and T.V. would have us believe that hats survived until about 1965.  Then what? 

Why after centuries of tradition did they fall out of vogue? 

Battle Cold War paranoia with a bare head?  And I suppose the women’s lib movement of the 1970s might have looked silly bra-less but hat-wearing.

Still, one would think that while everyday headwear might fade into the past, the Easter bonnet would survive.  Sadly, no.

Then I remember that we have also bid farewell to corsets, gloves, and for the most part pantyhose. 

Today’s cupcake: maybe change isn’t all bad.


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