April Fools

The official day of pranks, hoaxes and jokes has arrived.  To anyone working with kids today: my deepest condolences.  And by this evening you’ll probably wonder who on earth came up with such a ‘holiday’.

Well, let’s just say that no one is jumping up to take credit.  Some historians think that All Fools Day came about in the Middle Ages when there was a question about when exactly to start the new year.  Some celebrated January 1, others spent a week in spring celebrating the new year: March 25 through April 1.  Fools!  So, the January group made fun of them thus starting the tradition. 

Other experts say All Fools Day began long before when Noah freed the first dove from the ark; you know, the one that was released too soon, didn’t find dry land and returned to the boat.

For today’s cupcake, we recognize those April fools babies who no doubt spent their lives insisting ‘no really, today is my birthday’.  Those celebrating birthdays today include actors Lon Chaney, Sr., Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Ali MacGraw; Russian composer Rachmoninoff; writer Anne McCaffrey; and youtube sensation/singer Susan Boyle.  Happy Birthday all!


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