Bunsen Burner Day?

So, it’s Bunsen Burner day.  Understanding how important the Bunsen Burner is to scientists, teen comedy writers and muppets (shout out to Dr. Honeydew!), I must admit the Bunsen Burner looks odd atop a cupcake and I have no idea how to celebrate such a day.  To scientists, comedy writers and muppets: Happy Bunsen Burner Day!  To everyone else: Easter cards!

In the midst of egg dying and basket assembling, don’t forget friends and family with whom you will not get to celebrate this Easter holiday. 

Sure, an email is fine, but why settle for fine, when slapping a stamp on an Easter card and popping in the mail is even better?  (An added bonus: the Post Office needs the business.  Why they haven’t bought the rights to Beyonce’s song and notified the world ‘if you love ’em then you oughta put a stamp on it’ is beyond me.)  Store bought card or simple postcard, home-made card with pictures or brief letter, what a kind, thoughtful way to brighten someone’s Easter. 

To inspire you, I did a web search of vintage Easter cards.  I find the vintage Valentine’s Day card super charming.  Truly adorable. 

The vintage Easter card?  Take a look for yourself.  Maybe it’s the effect of Monty Python or too many vampire plots, but these cards look like creepy scenes from some creepy horror film. 

The moral of today’s cupcake?  Make it a modern Easter card?


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