Easter Treats

[To be read in the game-show style of those strange Netflix radio commercials.]

little chick cake pops from bakerella.com

So if a full-sized cake is like Papa Bear and a cupcake is just right, what is a cake pop?


If you will be entertaining kids this Easter, you might consider the cake pop: a little ball of cake and frosting covered with candy coating.

The basic idea is to bake the cake of choice (from scratch or a mix) and let it cool.  Then crumble up the cake in a bowl and add frosting (again from scratch or a can) to the crumble mix bit by bit until it becomes a moldable consistency.

Ball the mix (deciding how large the balls are is optional . . . oh, the temptation to crack a joke here) and pop ’em in the fridge to cool.

Using candy melts in the color of your choice, dip the lollypop sticks in the melt so they affix to the cake ball, let ’em set, then dip the entire cake ball.

little sheep cake pops from bakerella.com

Now the fun begins.  Decorate the little spheres of sweetness using frosting, food markers, candy hearts, sprinkles, etc.  You are only limited by your imagination

. . . and time.

These little suckers are time consuming to make.  But look at the result: super sweet!


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