National Cleaning Week

After several howlingly windy days which followed several cold, snowy days, it is finally a gorgeous sunny day.  The windows have been thrown open to let in a gentle breeze of warm air.  It feels like spring.  Finally.  And there is no better way to kick off spring than with a little spring cleaning. 

Make sure you look the part of the stylish agent of all-things-clean with one of these apron and glove sets from

Need more to help you clean?  Alice Supply Company agrees and has designed uber-cute cleaning paraphernalia. 

Or, grab one of these adorable mini-vacs or scrubbing brushes to get you in the cleaning mood. 


Merdolino Toilet Brush from Alessi, mini vacuum friends from Fred Flare, Pinocchio Toilet Brush, Flower Power Broom from Target, Scottie Dog Crumb Sweeper from Perpetual Kid , Daddy Cool Scrubber, Doll scrub brush from Sur La Table (courtesy of

Load your favorite playlist on the iPod and get to scrubbing.  The pay-off?  There’s nothing better than enjoying a clean room on a sunny spring day.  Somehow it makes all things feel possible: a good thing to remember when you’re facing a toilet that hasn’t been cleaned all winter.


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