Get Ready For Easter

With Easter a smidge more than a week away, it is time to put those Easter-y ambitions into motion! 

We here at The Daily Cupcake like to start with plans for decorating this year’s Easter Table.  For those afraid of decorating, there are a few simple guidelines to follow.

First, choose a color scheme.  Bold, pastel, monocromatic . . . honestly, which color scheme really doesn’t matter (well sure, you might steer clear of orange & black or green & red). 


Never would I have thought a table awash in peach could look so Easter apropo, but the wizards at have proved me wrong.  Look!


Or how about a periwinkle color scheme?  Beautiful, too. 

And then there’s the classic pastel.

Second, make sure you have flowers.  Put them in a simple vase, or jazz it up a bit, but flowers are an absolute must. 

Third, throw in traditional Easter fare. 

Birds could look like this: 

Or a bunny like this: 

. . . or maybe a basket

 . . . or eggs:

Lastly, have fun with it.  Let’s face it, an Easter table (regardless of how pretty it might be) isn’t worth it if the endeavor stresses you out.  Always, always remember to enjoy it.


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