Pecan Day

So what is there to celebrate today?  Pecans! 

 This delightful little nut falls from the Texas State tree in late October and is usually relegated to holiday meal planning and then forgotten. 

So what does a person do to celebrate Pecan Day? 

Plant a tree . . . . .  . for your kids.  Pecan treelings won’t have much to offer any time soon.  Why?  It can take a pecan tree up to 20 years to become a mature nut-producer.  But, as the former owner of 6 mature pecan trees, I promise once it starts producing, you’re set.

If you are not in a tree-planting mood, there are other things to do to celebrate the day of the pecan:

There’s this yummy pecan ice cream dessert.  With carmel and brown sugar atop vanilla ice cream, this cool, springy dessert is sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet teeth.  The recipe can be found at

Or if you are trying to fit into a fabulous Easter dress, you might try pecans in this colorful spring salad:

Carrots, beets, pecans and pumpkin seeds make this crunchy dish diet friendly.  For the recipe go to

Happy pecan-ing!


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