National Puppy Day

I’m guessing that most of you don’t know that today is National Puppy Day.  It is!  Love puppies.  Really, who doesn’t?  Well more specifically, I love someone else’s puppies.  Then I can enjoy their sweet, cuddly, plump little beings and not worry about the training or destruction that is sure to follow.  And their smell!  I am one of the few who actually likes the smell of puppy breath.  To celebrate the day, I am posting a pic of two Papillon puppies I raised before my parents adopted them.  Today, they are all–parents and puppies–quite happy together.

And since I’ve titled the blog The Daily Cupcake, it seems only fitting to offer a cupcake to commemorate the day, courtesy of Hello, Cupcake!

(Reposted from March 23, 2010)


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