National Bubble Week

It is the week to embrace all things bubbles! 

Yeah okay, so it’s Wednesday.  Don’t dwell on the half of NBW missed; think of the bubble-filled days that remain.  Yep, in 2000 the makers of Koosh Bubbles initiated National Bubble Week.   Why not?  Who doesn’t like bubbles?  They’re cheap, not destructive, and provide hours (seriously hours) of entertainment for kids.  Is it a coincidence that NBW coincides with Spring Break?  I think not! 

So, to get you in the spirit, I’ve searched the web and was surprised by what is floating in the ether. 

For instance, look at what happens when you blow bubbles into sugar instead of soap: adorable bubble cake!

Or how Dior loves bubbles, too.   

But the best can be found in Taiwan.  Back in the ‘80s, a tea shop was trying to find a way to make tea appealing to kids.  And as mentioned, nothing is more kid-friendly than the bubble.  Voila! 

Bubble Tea is a tea based drink that is infused with fruit and sweetener.  At first the mix was shaken, thus creating tiny bubbles, but since the tiny bubble has evolved to become large tapioca or taro ‘pearls’ (the black variety) placed at the bottom of the drink to give the illusion of larger, longer lasting bubbles.  Now the drink’s calling card is its fat straw to accommodate all the ‘bubbles’. 

Those who’ve tried it, swear it’s addictingly delicious.  And in the 20 years since its debut, Bubble Tea has become to the Taiwanese what Starbucks is to Americans.


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